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Welcome 2015

Welcome to 2015!

This is going to be an amazing year.

How can I say that so certain?

Because I have determined that even when bad times happen, God is with me and that makes everything; good or bad, amazing!

Jesus Christ walked on this planet. He lived and then died so that I may live! That makes it all worth it, everything is worth what Jesus Christ gave to me!

May you find the love, peace and joy in the upcoming year!


Goodbye 2014

It has been a crazy ride this year. Just like most people there have been some good things and some bad things.

Jack in the Box has been with his current employer for a year now! Praise the good Lord for this amazing blessing.

We started a debt settlement program and even though it is going to take us 42 months to get through it, we have been blessed and we will be credit card free in 42 months. It isn’t the way I had hoped it would be but God works in ways I have zero knowledge of and I have to just trust in Him and His nudges.

I started a Bible study with 3 friends. Not only are they still friends, they have turned into best friends and sisters. I am never going to be the same and the changes and relationships are fabulous! Thank you God for this amazing gift.

A friend moved home. It has been a welcomed person missing from life.

I said good-bye to one of our puppies. That was really hard.

We welcomed a new puppy into our family.

We went camping as a family for the first time since Baby Monkey was born. It was a bitter-sweet trip because I was sick and miserable but everyone had a lot of fun.

We had some insurance issues, still do. But we have insurance.

We have a very low-key New Years Eve. Just four of us in the house tonight to bring in the new year. Two of the four are already asleep.

I ran in my first 5k race. It wasn’t exactly how I was hoping it would go but I adjusted my expectations and I did make those goals. I was proud of myself because exercise at times is really rough! And I had a goal to be in a 5k race prior to turning 40 and I did it. It is never to late!

We just made the last payment on Middle Monkey’s trip. We still have some things we need funds for but the main part is paid for currently.

Jack in the Box and I have joined a gym and it is a nice place to go.

We found out our niece is expecting a baby. While this isn’t the best time for her to have a baby (she is young), God knew this baby was going to be coming. I have been able to talk to her, help her, help her fiance, talk to him and let them know it will be okay if they decide to keep the baby (which they have decided). And I was also able to do some photos for them, which was super fun!

I am in my last year of my 30’s. Not that it means much because we won’t be doing anything but it will be nice to be moving into a new age group. I am hoping that it will add a new wisdom to me in my journey!

We have lived in our home for almost 5 years now! Wow, where has the time gone.

I had an outbreak of shingles.

We had the gastrointestinal flu over Thanksgiving.

I started new medication for my “fibromyalgia” (I had that diagnosis. I feel it is a copout for when Dr.’s have no clue and throw their hands in the air and say, “Not sure so you have pain, fibro it is.”)

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for a year consistently. Talk about an amazing blessing in our life! We still get sick but with watching my IgA,G,M – we see it is making a huge difference and my GP is encouraging me to continue. Interested in what it can do for you? Leave a comment because I LOVE to talk about YLEO!

I rediscovered my creative side and the monkey’s and I made our Christmas gifts and it was fabulous!

Oldest Monkey moved in July and we haven’t seen him since. He moved out-of-state and is living with his fiance.

I have truly as a person grown and changed for the better and the Lord is my light and guide and I am so unbelievable grateful for all He has done for me and where it has taken me.

And over the past year, through the good and bad there are some things I am forever grateful for. My church family, my Wednesday morning Bible study, my Monkey’s, my Jack in the Box, my family, my doctors, my faith, my Pastor, my Wednesday night Bible study, my knowledge that God loves me; He always has; He always will, my WTE mama’s, and my friends who I have never met but know me better than those people in my life here (you know who you are).

May each and every one of you have an amazing New Years Eve with whatever you are doing and may each of you have the most blessed 2015!

I Want To Give Up

I would like to give up most days lately.

We set on a path in August to get ourselves out of debt and get ourselves financially stable.

Then it seems everything and anything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

I was so excited in the beginning and was feeling really good about our choice.

We decided to make Christmas present for extended family to cut costs down and we all felt really good about it.

Then things started going wrong. And now this past week even more went wrong. As of Monday we are going to be $3500 negative in our account, if the company actually withdraws the funds.

Basically our insurance has an HRA account. It was supposed to be in effect starting January 1st and going through year end. But instead we started to get bills, even more bills than we had been paying on. So I started to look into what was going on and found we didn’t have an HRA account set up. Basically since March I have been working with three different companies trying to get it all figured out. They finally started to make payments in September. So places I had paid were sending payments back, places who had billed my secondary insurance were sending payments back, some places were keeping payments who should not have. It has been a mess.

Well in October they deposited $3500 into our checking account. I called to find out what it was, what it was for, if it was a mistake and was told it was for bills I had already paid. Now the company has come back and said they never should have paid us because the company Jack in the Box works for set it up to only pay companies. So they need to retract the payment and they will be doing it on Monday.

We don’t have it. We used it to pay bills.

I am so beyond overwhelmed. I don’t even know how to deal with any of it.

Jack in the Box needs major repairs on his car, I am almost without all shocks and struts, middle monkey is in need of a passport for his trip, another payment needs to go into his account. Jack in the Box hasn’t even been working 40 hours a week since the beginning of November.

I just don’t have any of it. We are barely paying our bills each month right now.

Sorry if anyone reads this rant. I am just having huge struggles and am not sure anymore how to deal with any of it.

Need to Catch Up

So back in November I was doing Thirty Days of Thanksgiving and then just stopped.

When I should have been giving thanks the most I stopped. There are times when being honest with myself can make me have to face things and be honest about changes that need to take place. I am not always thrilled with those things.

When things get rough I tend to hibernate and it used to be I would from the world around me but I would continue to write. Over the past few years though when I hibernate from the world around me, I am adding the world I write to.

So I am going back to November and finishing up the Thirty Days of Thankfulness.

Day Twenty-Four

Today I am finding it really hard to be thankful.

The gastrointestinal flu has entered our home.

So plain and simply I am thankful we have one working toilet and some pots and pans.

Now to pray that only one person at a time gets sick.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
Give thanks no matter what happens. God wants you to thank
him because you believe in Christ Jesus.

Day Twenty-Three

Today I am thankful for my church.

It isn’t a huge church but it isn’t a small church either.

They have a lot of things that go on all year-long. There is some room for improvement, but what church doesn’t have that opportunity.

This church has opened a lot of doors and helped to close some doors.

Today I am thankful for my church and the family it has created.

Matthew 18:20
Where two or three people gather in my name, I am there with them.

Day Twenty-Two

Today I am thankful for an understanding husband.

Confession time:

If you were to walk into my home today it is an utter mess. Our littlest dog loves to play with toilet paper and then after she is done playing with it, her and the cat shred it. 99% of the time if you walk in my door there will be torn up, chewed up toilet paper throughout the house! Working on it with the two of them but they don’t seem to care much!

Dishes are piled up in the sink.

The table is covered with mail, YLEO and bags.

There are baskets of clean clothing all over that need to be folded.

There are dog toys all over.

You can see hints of Christmas here and there because we are working on presents.

Books are all over because between the different Bible studies and other books my children are reading and the devotion books; well they are all over.

If you were to go downstairs to the laundry room there is laundry all over that needs to be washed or tossed.

I am thankful Jack in the Box is understanding. I hate the way the house looks. It doesn’t make me happy or proud. But at the same time, there are days I just can’t do what I have been doing. I have pain in my body. I have for a long time but last winter took a huge toll on me. Meds have helped some but it hasn’t fully taken it away. So I am thankful that he is understanding because it looks awful and it makes me feel awful!

Colossians 1:3-5
We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you. We thank him because we have heard about your faith in Christ Jesus. We have also heard that you love all God’s people. Your faith and love are based on the hope you have. What you hope for is stored up for you in heaven. You have already heard about it. You were told about it when the true message was given to you.