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And Here We Go Again….

I am doing my best not to totally lose it but it is like watching myself way back when I was a stupid young adult.

Oldest Monkey comes upstairs tonight pissy and takes off out the door because his manager has called and needs to talk to him. Then he comes home and says I called and he said I can come in tomorrow to talk to him but I am getting fired I just know it. And then this whole new story I had never even heard before comes about and it is NOTHING like the story he told when he came home from the interview. So he is lying to me, I just know it. He says something along the lines of well our general manager hired everyone who he interviewed and told us at the interview that in a month he was going to fire half of the staff and start over.

Now just to clarify when he came home from the interview he was super excited, had room to move up because he had experience working with food and customer service before, looking for people who pick things up quickly so they can be a trainer and he went on and on about how excited he was about this job and how much room there was to move forward.

Let’s be a bit realistic: I am in my upper 30’s and I have in my lifetime had a lot of jobs. I was not good at keeping jobs but not once did I ever have a manager say in an interview, “I want to hire you but I plan on letting go half the staff in a month. This is just a trial and so if you take this job you need to know you could be gone.” Cause who in their right mind is going to take that job? No one!

He has been missing most days since just before the new year. And so to be honest Jack in the Box and I have been talking about the fact he probably hasn’t been going to work. There have been many days he had to work and he would spend the night, well who knows where. I can’t say for certain if he has been missing work or if he has been going but more than likely as of tomorrow he doesn’t have a job. Which means guess who is footing the bill for all his crap again. Me… While I know it isn’t my responsibility he is on our phone plan so that has to be paid and I don’t want to damage my credit so….

And want to know the best thing of all? Yesterday was the orientation for the GED program and I am going to bet all of you a million dollars he didn’t go! Anyone wanna bet me that million dollars? I could really use a million dollars right now!

He isn’t capable of working because he refuses to take his meds. There are bipolar people who can work but they take their meds and other things. He doesn’t take his meds, he doesn’t do therapy, he doesn’t figure out how to cope with anything and he just does what he wants. He really needs to find a way to apply for disability but he doesn’t have enough credits earned yet and I am not sure he will.

This was on posted on Facebook and it is so true:

“If you live your life doing whatever feels good at the moment, even though it is wrong, showing no self restraint, you will end up alone and depressed, wondering why. The lies you have to tell will catch you, no one will trust you, your reputation will be in the toilet. Worst of all, the people that tried their best for you, the ones you said you loved, will be destroyed by your actions. Eventually, they won’t even recognize who you’ve become. Any chance you had for a real, meaningful relationship with someone that would take on the world for you will be gone. All because it is what you knew you wanted in the moment. Any idea how many people live this foolishly every day? Both young and old. Throwing it all away… smh…”

Seriously – read those words, take them in, and realize these are some of the truest words that have been spoken.

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